An Introduction to Chinese Philosophy

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Introduction to Classical Chinese Philosophy

Learning Objectives: Through this course, students can understand the basic ideas of ancient Chinese philosophy, read the classics of Chinese philosophy, and understand Chinese wisdom. Course Disclaimer Courses and course hours of instruction are subject to change.

CAS PH 247

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Students are reassessed in the failed elements of assessment and by the same methods as the first attempt. After two introductory lectures outlining the nature of Chinese philosophy and its relation to Chinese language, we will consider the following main philosophers and schools:.

ISBN 13: 9781405129497

This course is intended as an introduction to ancient Chinese philosophy, offering an overview of its main schools and exploring some of its main themes. One of our aims will be to demonstrate the relevance of an understanding of ancient Chinese philosophy to contemporary Western philosophy.

The main learning outcome is an understanding of some of the main ideas and debates of ancient Chinese philosophy and an appreciation of their relevance to contemporary Western philosophy. The work is carefully detailed at every philosophically interesting turn, providing, e. Throughout there are translations of technical terms, along with both pinyin and Chinese characters.

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Chapters conclude with well-crafted review questions. Appendixes on hermeneutics, Chinese language, and the Kongzi are very useful. Summing up: Highly recommended.

Hoffman, West Chester University of Pennsylvania , in Choice "Van Norden's book is a very good introduction to the classical Chinese thinkers, especially for those interested in the Chinese-Western comparative approach.