At Europes Service: The Origins and Evolution of the European Peoples Party

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The organisation revitalised itself by changing its name to the European Union of Christian Democrats EUCD and revising the key aims of the organisation. The EUCD forged a closer relationship with the Parliamentary group of European Christian Democrats and the national member parties, and steadily grew more ambitious in its vision for Europe.

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With the decision to organise direct elections for the European Parliament in , the need for a truly European party became evident. Once the EPP had been founded, a degree of pressure to establish formal links between Christian Democratic and conservative forces was exerted by EUCD parties in countries that were not European Community members. Thus three parallel political organisations of Christian Democrats and conservatives were now in place.

The EPP needed to integrate like-minded forces in order to achieve the majority needed to make ideas and concepts a reality.

The stalled quest for a more democratic EU – POLITICO

Parties have been accepted from Moldova, Georgia and Armenia. The development of the EPP has reflected that of the EU itself; the inclusion of centre-right parties from accession countries in Central and Eastern Europe has been particularly successful. The new members have brought a new dimension to the EPP and consolidated it as the pre-eminent European force of the centre-right. You will find attached our kit media which includes backgrounds and variants of the EPP logotype available in several languages.

Download the media kit.

The basics

Please enable javascript to view this site. The party with the largest number of seats gets to appoint the president of the European Commission, a position currently held by former Jean-Claude Juncker, the former prime minister of Luxembourg. The president is akin to a conductor: he or she sets the tempo and makes sure the orchestra plays in a harmonious way but they cannot choose the repertoire alone.

In the European Parliament, no party family has the majority of the seats so they have to reach out to other groups, working together to to approve legislation. The idea that there should be a parliamentary assembly to represent the citizens of the member states dates back to , when the Coal and Steel Community the precursor of the European Community was established.

At Europe's Service

At that time, the members were national parliamentarians appointed by their respective governments. The first direct elections to the parliament took place in and the body has, over time, developed political muscle. The parliament legislates on all kinds of important issues, from food standards to LGBT rights. In March, for example, of the MEPs voted in a new law banning single-use plastic items such as plates and cutlery by In some countries, participation is incredibly low.

This all combines to give the impression that the parliament is not an organisation to be taken seriously. But the European Parliament is, in many ways, the human face of the European Union.

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It is made up of people from different countries, who all bring different stories and experiences — people like the Polish MEP Marek Plura , an advocate for policies that promote a more inclusive society for people with disabilities he suffers himself from a degenerative illness. Nevertheless, there is still room for improvement when it comes to gender balance and ethnic diversity in the parliament.

And in Romania, Spain and Poland, EU membership is often regarded as a sort of antidote to the excesses of national governments. The European parliament is also often to be found leading the charge on issues that are truly important to European citizens such as environmental protection, transparency and data protection.

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  5. Many of these concerns have less to do with national issues such as immigration and political parties and more to do with a broader hope for a brighter, fairer and happier future. As a transnational body, the European Parliament has a unique role to play in addressing these big issues, and communicating them to the public.

    Screen music and the question of originality - Miguel Mera — London, Islington. Edition: Available editions United Kingdom. Tatiana Coutto , University of Warwick. The basics EU citizens will be voting to fill seats in the European Parliament.

    EPA France used to divide its candidates into eight constituencies but these have now been abolished. How is the parliament organised after the vote? Why is there a European parliament? An MEP brings her baby to a plenary session.