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From this archive, we have compiled the following list covering dissertations devoted to flaxseed oil. The United States Patent and Trademark Office defines a patent as a grant of a property right to the inventor, issued by the Patent and Trademark Office. For the United States, the term of a new patent is 20 years from the date when the patent application was filed.

If the inventor wishes to receive economic benefits, it is likely that the invention will become commercially available within 20 years of the initial filing. While this relates to U. In this chapter, we show you how to locate information on patents and their inventors. If you find a patent that is particularly interesting to you, contact the inventor or the assignee for further information. To accurately reflect the results that you might find while conducting research on flaxseed oil, we have not necessarily excluded non-medical patents in this bibliography.

Patents on Flaxseed Oil By performing a patent search focusing on flaxseed oil, you can obtain information such as the title of the invention, the names of the inventor s , the assignee s or the company that owns or controls the patent, a short abstract that summarizes the patent, and a few excerpts from the description of the patent. The abstract of a patent tends to be more technical in nature, while the description is often written for the public.

Full patent descriptions contain much more information than is presented here e. We will tell you how to obtain this information later in the chapter.

The oil is preferably one or more of the oils from the group of olive oil, avocado oil, canola oil, soybean oil, sunflower oil, peanut oil, safflower oil, cottonseed oil, coconut oil, rice bran oil, mustardseed oil, camelina oil, chia oil, flaxseed oil, perilla oil, fish oil or corn oil.

More preferably an oil such as avocado oil or olive oil is used and most preferably the oil is olive oil. The monoglycerides used are preferably derivatives of oleic, or palmitic acid. The ratio of oil to monoglyceride is preferably from about 9 to about 1 to from about 49 to about 1 and most preferably from about 15 to about 1 to from about 24 to about 1. The more monoglyceride used, the greater the degree of solidity of the food spread at room temperature.

It is therefore possible to produce a desired degree of solidity, by changing the proportion of monoglyceride. Excerpt s : The present invention relates to a novel food spread and its production. In particular, it concerns a food spread containing a mixture of an edible oil from a natural origin and a monoglyceride.

Food spreads such as margarine and butter are commonplace in the kitchen. They are used in the home and industry for cooking, baking, sandwiches and numerous food products. In recent years, attention has been directed to producing healthier food spreads, in the form of reduced fat alternatives to the existing products.

Margarines contain a water phase and an oil phase, which are emulsified. They are generally in the form of a water-in-oil emulsion. The taste of margarines and food spreads is due mostly to water soluble flavors, oil soluble flavors and salt included in the water phase.

The fat content is made up mainly of polysaturated fats. In the production of margarine the polysaturated fats are hydrogenated, however the hydrogenated products are very readily acidified to produce free radical carcinogenic compounds. It has as its constituents a mixture of organic safflower oil, flaxseed oil, tincture of benzoin, and organic beeswax blended in a cream-like base. Patents 27 Excerpt s : This invention relates to an organic skin lubricating composition with a potent alleviating affect on distressed hand and skin infirmities.

The cosmetic industry is continually expanding its efforts in order to provide topical preparations which will moisten and soften the skin, eliminate chapping, chafing, redness and restore the skin to its natural condition, thus the combinations of skin-aggravating synthetic compositions employed continue to increase yearly. Thus, synthetic surfactants, silicones, ammonia, alcohol's, solvents, acids, preservatives and the like are being incorporated into the compositions of the cited prior art to extend the shelf life of the cited compositions that are supplied to stores and supermarkets.

Excerpt s : This discovery relates to a method of reducing platelet adhesiveness and therefore the aggregation of platelets in flowing blood within human subjects.

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Aggregation of platelets is commonly accepted as the first stage of intravascular thrombosis in flowing blood and is the type of thrombosis which occurs in coronary thrombosis. By reducing platelet adhesiveness, I propose to inhibit the occurrence of coronary thrombosis. For the past decade medical opinion has held that coronary thrombosis is related to a disease state referred to as atherosclerosis.

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In atherosclerosis, atheroma, a yellow wax-like material containing fatty acids in diet along with cholesterol, is deposited in the arteries under the capillary membrane, the endothelium. In time the endothelium will thicken and become fragile. As long as the endothelium remains intact, blood is unlikely to clot at the site of atheroma. Eventually, however, in the intrinsic blood system the endothelium over a plaque of atheroma will ulcerate or break, or become damaged and disappear and a thrombus is likely to form at that location.

Quite often the result is death. It follows that if these described widespread and deeply held beliefs had validity the degree of atheroma would be greater in parts of the world where the degree of thrombosis is greater. As inhabitants of Japan are predisposed to suffer only about one-tenth the number of fatalities from thrombosis as compared to people in the United States on a unit basis , it should follow that atheroma among people in Japan is only one-tenth as prevalent as in the United States. The evidence shows no such correlation.

What was found in both nations is that the degree of atheroma increased with age until the seventh decade of life at which time it became most severe in individuals of both nations. There was essentially no difference in the degree of atheroma, age group for age group, in the two nations. Confronted by a situation in which inhabitants of the two nations experience the same degree of atheroma, there is a difference of a factor of ten with respect to thrombosis. This 28 Flaxseed Oil undisputed evidence clearly indicates the presence of some unappreciated factor causing thrombosis. Hydrating agents include vegetable glycerin, aloe-vera, and vegetable oils other than grapeseed oil, for example, vitamin E oil, jojoba oil, flaxseed oil, primrose oil and any other botanical oil.

The grapeseed oil composition may further include at least one amino acid, for example, lysine and tyrosine. Excerpt s : The present invention relates generally to the treatment of skin with an antioxidant, and more particularly to the treatment of skin with a topical grapeseed oil composition. Natural plant oils have long been used in a variety of applications.

For example, U. Vegetable oils including grapeseed oil are among the suitable components for the oily compound.

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The process to achieve a patent can take several years. The nutritional supplement preferably includes about to mg of flaxseed oil, about 50 to mg of ginger, about 50 to mg of 6 This has been a common practice outside the United States prior to December Patents 29 sesame, about 50 to mg of citrus, about 50 to of garlic, about 10 to 30 mg of tumeric, about 6 to 10 mg of Vitamin C, about 1 to 5 IU of Vitamin E, about 0.

The nutritional supplement may be used in a method of treating inflammation by administering to a patient in need thereof an effective dose of the nutritional supplement. Excerpt s : The present invention relates to a nutritional supplement containing a variety of naturally occurring substances useful for treating inflammatory conditions.

Flaxseed oil contains significant amounts of alpha linolenic acid ALA , an essential fatty acid. ALA is an omega-3 fatty acid. The body turns ALA to a limited extent into eicosapentaenoic acid EPA , which requires a variety of vitamins and minerals. This invention relates to an improved and useful transdermal composition for maintenance of skin, including a sufficient amount of an acidic component of hydroxyacid, to facilitate exfoliation of skin in a moist, without substantial irritation manner, as well as the prevention, treatment and management of skin conditions, such as acne, wrinkled, irregularly pigmented, aged, photoaged, and thickened layers of the epidermis, and the like, which has as its constituents, safflower oil, flaxseed oil, sweet almond oil, apricot kernel oil, jojoba oil, tocopheral linoleate, organic beeswax, and tincture of benzoin as an antimicrobial agent to inhibit or reduce microorganisms on the skin.

It is known that the outer layers of human skin can be caused to peel by applying preparations to remove dead skin without wounding underlying living skin tissue. The beneficial result of such skin peeling is that when underlying layers of new skin are exposed, the new skin is relatively free of wrinkles, dryness, pigmentation, and aging spots, and the skin is more youthful looking.

Removing old, dead, skin cells, to expose younger looking skin, can be accomplished by exfoliating, since exfoliation removes only dead skin cells from the skin surface and does not wound living cells.

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Excerpt s : The present invention relates generally to a food supplement formulation. More particularly, the invention is directed to a food supplement formulation containing omega-3 essential fatty acids which are important for maintaining good health.

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  5. Natural compounds and herbal formulations can provide a supplement to the daily human diet. Certain compounds are useful to the human body, but are not produced in substantial quantities thereby. Thus, formulations made from natural products have been found useful for supplementing the intake of these compounds for the human diet. It would be desirable to prepare a food supplement formulation which may be taken in addition to the daily human diet, which food supplement formulation may promote good health. The method includes administering a pet food composition including omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids in a weight ratio of about , where the majority of omega-3 fatty acids comprise alpha-linolenic acid.

    Flaxseed oil is the preferred source of alpha-linolenic acid. Excerpt s : This application claims the benefit of U. This invention relates to a pet food composition and method for reducing inflammatory response in cats. More particularly, the invention relates to a feline dietary composition that includes omega-3 n-3 fatty acids, especially the form of the omega-3 fatty acid known as alpha-linolenic acid, which, when provided to a cat, produces a reduction in the feline inflammatory response. Inflammation occurs when tissues are damaged.

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    Inflammation can often be characterized by redness, swelling, heat, and pain. Cells involved in the inflammatory response include polymorphonuclear luekocytes PMN , macrophages, and mast cells.

    One type of inflammatory response is an allergic response, or Type I hypersensitivity response. Upon exposure to an allergen, B cells produce immunoglobulin E IgE , which complexes with mast cells, resulting in the release of toxic cytokines and inflammatory mediators such as histamine, protease, prostaglandin, and leukotriene.

    In atopic individuals, this IgE-mast cell complex persists longer, resulting in an over-production Patents 31 of mediators and in inflammation, with the key mediator of inflammation being histamine. This invention relates to improved and useful formulation for a topical transdermal skin care composition for alleviating and treating skin infirmities, including dermatitis, eczema, lupus, rosacea, and dry skin, that has as its main consituents a mixture of organic safflower oil, flaxseed oil, and tincture of benzoin.

    The cosmetic and pharmaceutical industry is continually expanding its efforts in order to provide topical preparations which will moisten and soften the skin, eliminate dryness, cracking, chapping, chaffing, redness and restore the skin to its natural healthy condition. You will see two broad options: 1 Issued Patent, and 2 Published Applications.

    After clicking on the search button, scroll down to see the various patents which have been granted to date on flaxseed oil. You can also use this procedure to view pending patent applications concerning flaxseed oil. In addition to online booksellers such as www. Your local medical library also may have these titles available for loan. Some summaries also include customer reviews.