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The reasons for. The Riddles in No. Their keenness in observation, abilityto appreciate a joke, their naturalness and freedomfrom artificiality, their aptness in drawing comparisonsfrom Nature, etc. The home of the purest and best Hausais probably Kano and Katsina and the places nearest tothem ; west of which towns the language varies some-what in pronunciation and suffers more from admix-ture with other elements. Of the seven dialects ofHausa, that of Kano, being the smoothest and leastharsh, is certain to prevail over the other dialects of thesame tongue, especially with the spread of educationand greater facilities for safe intercourse between Kanoand all the outlying parts of the Protectorate.

Astudent will, therefore, do well to master thoroughlythe Kano dialect and make that his standard, for withit he will not fail to be understood in any of the otherdistricts of Hausaland, and with the Kano dialect as abasis one's ear soon gets accustomed to and recognizes,in spite of slight variations in sound, the words spokenby a native of any other province. Bastard Hausa. The Hausas themselves designateas bastard Hausa, Hausa banza banza, illegitimate ,the seven neighbouring states of Zanfara, Kebbi, Nupe!

Gwari, Yauri, Yoruba and Kororofa, as in these statesthough the Hausa tongue is spoken, yet it was not theoriginal language of the people, and consequently it hassuffered considerable corruption, some instances ofwhich are here indicated in the notes and Dictionaryin order to put students on their guard against acquiringa debased dialect, which is totally unlike the truerepresentative Hausa of Kano and Katsina, such as isgiven us in Schon's Magana Hausa, in Robinson'sHausa Grammar, in Merrick's Hausa Proverbs, in Misch-lich's Lehrbuch der Hausanischer Sprache, and in the.

Any so called Hausa worksby other authors, if they differ much in style and dialectfrom those here named, may be set down as Hausabanza.

Hausa language

After some years experience of bothmethods I have come to the conclusion that there is noreal advantage gained by employing the complicatedalphabet of Lepsins with its thirty-nine symbols. Ihave therefore used the far simpler one employed by theRev. Canon Robinson, Lecturer in Hausa in CambridgeUniversity, in his Hausa Grammar and Dictionary, thegeneral principle of which is that all vowels are to bepronounced as in Italian, and all consonants as inEnglish, this being the system of transliteration adoptedby the Royal Geographical Society.

The Spelling of Hausa. There exists at presentno truly reliable standard of Hausa spelling, for just asthe pronunciation varies in different dialects so does thespelling, and more than that even the same native willwrite and pronounce the same word in two or threedifferent ways. This proves that the language has had nodependable literature, and that what literature it hasis purely local, for were it generally known and readsome uniformity of spelling would have been arrived at,whereas on the contrary the spelling is at present in astate more or less of suspense.

However, there aresome safe landmarks to steer by when we leave theunreliable native literature and come to works in theRoman character. Those published by Dr. Schon,the Rev. Canon Robinson, A.

The Sound of the Hausa Language (UDHR & The Parable of the Prodigal Son)

Mischlich and Major G. Merrick R. It is therefore quite in keeping withnative taste to use capital letters when writing Hausain the Roman character and one can only consider it agreat blemish in the new edition of the Magana Hausathat the capitals of the first edition for initial letters. The Influence of Arabic on the Hausa Language.

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The home of the true Hausas is in the British de-pendency of Northern Nigeria, the history of whichhas recently been published in a fascinating volumeby Lady Lugard. From this we gather that the Hausanation at one time was in a very low state of civilisa-tion, its religion a gross form of fetichism, which, however,was gradually overthrown by the successive impactof Moslem neighbours from East, North, and West,i.

By these means Islam gradually became the religionof most Hausa towns, and especially of the ruling classes,and with Islam came its sacred book, the Koran, anda knowledge of the Arabic tongue, Arab jurisprudence,social customs, etc. The consequence of this Mosleminfluence and intercourse during ten centuries has beenthat the once barbarous Hausa race, whose own lan-guage contained practically no words to express theideas of lawful, unlawful, reward, punishment, com-mand, claim, judgment, witness, a judge, a ' pupil,a school, a teacher, etc.

Clothing was previously so little worn by the Hausasthat they had no name for such a thing as a pocket. Previouslythey had no division of time shorter than a month moon , the Arabs gave them the week of seven days,and the names of the days, Faith, holiness, religion,prayer, and many such ideas were -non-existent in theHausa vocabulary until it was enriched by the Arabterms denoting them. Strip the present Hausa language of its Arabicderivatives, and you reduce yourself to a childishand barbaric sterility of ideas and feebleness of ex-pression.

The works of these authors cover every sphere of.

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Again these writers frequently quote from the worksof their predecessors and contemporaries, but all thesequotations are in Arabic excepting those taken fromHausa songs. Arabic has always been, as it still is, the only satis-factory medium of written communication betweennatives of Hausaland, and it is exclusively used by themfor all histories, treaties, and other legal documents,and for most correspondence. Hausa songs on the other hand have been committedto writing, poems in eulogy of warriors, and poems onreligious and historical themes, but these have firstbeen composed and learnt orally, and when writtenthey can only be deciphered with difficulty by a native,unless he happens to have already committed them tomemory.

Some reasons for this are, first because there is nostandard of orthography to guide the writer in spelling. Hausa with Arabic characters, secondly because anative has no idea of dividing words from one another. One of these works, a nativehistory of Kano, covering the period of the last eight. Lugard, the late High Commissionerfor Northern Nigeria, to translate into Arabic a numberof letters of Appointment of Governors, and Proclama-tions affecting the fifteen chief towns of Hausaland.

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Harris, b. Entered at Stationers' Hall. Errata and Addenda.

Page Read No. Line 11, read " mun zo," not "nun zo. Last line, read " To, nagari, sun tafo. Last line, insert " inuka " before " zo gidan Masabiha. Errata in Hausa Dictionary. Page 5. These stories are published in the hope that they may facilitate the study of the Hausa language. They are rather more difficult than those in Schon's Magana Hausa, containing more idioms, but in very similar language for the most part.

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