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The focus should be on suitable brownfield sites, according to the CPRE, which estimates that a least a million homes could be built on such land.

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As part of its anniversary campaign calling on the government to match its rhetoric with action to protect the green belt, the CPRE is inviting the public to submit photos and stories to a digital wall to show how they use it, to emphasise its value. The figures released by CPRE are from potential developments that have not yet been agreed by their local communities, have not gone through the rigour of the planning system and are not planning permissions.

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Topics Planning policy. Housing Local government news. Reuse this content. There may not have been a revolution in the English countryside — drive through Sussex or Gloucestershire and the great houses you see, peeping through the sycamores, still have a timeless serenity — but there has certainly been an evolution in taste and a new willingness to make compromises. But while the construction may be new, the appearance is not necessarily so.

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You could say these houses are lamb dressed as mutton — demure on the outside, sizzling with the latest accessories underneath. P aul and Bryony Wedge designed their Georgian style country mansion in Godalming, Surrey, on the site of a 9-hole golf course. The property is classically constructed and the soft brickwork gives it a pleasant, weathered appearance. But inside it is a box of tricks, with a biomass boiler, CCTV, underfloor heating and an iPhone-controlled multimedia system.

In the longer term, it remains to be seen whether the increasing popularity of new builds makes people less conservative in their architectural tastes. Built on the site of a run-down Twenties hotel with a touch of Fawlty Towers, Sylvatica is the 21st-century eco-home par excellence — but Wright admits it will not appeal to everyone.

The pace of change in the country is slower than in towns. The Surrey hills are not about to be built over with space-age residences.

House building: new build dwellings statistics

But the perfect country home, the one everyone would love to live in, is not what it was. If you read one article about green belts, read this one, and learn how to get planning permission to build on it. Like most property entrepreneurs, have you ever thought about buying a patch of green belt land to build your own house or to construct homes for property investment?

Imagine what it would be like to get Planning Permission for green belt land!

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In the following, we will examine Green Belt planning loopholes, evaluate development opportunities, discuss why we should build on the Green Belt and explain how you can get planning permission to build on green belt land in the UK. A further , homes would also be required to meet both new demand and the backlog of housing need in London. The answer is simple: by opening up green belt land for development. To begin with, the green belt designation is an issue of policy and not always applicable to the wider countryside. In a nutshell, green belt sites are designated zones around major towns, cities and settlements whose fundamental purpose is to prevent urban sprawl.

In essence, like most things, it comes down to the government and policies that are in place. The release strongly suggested that green belt land should be prioritised at all costs and should limit urban sprawl as much as possible. A strategic housing land availability assessment must consider the following factors:.

How to Get Planning Permission for building on the Green Belt in the UK

Green Belt housing, designed by Urbanist Architecture. Their objective is to protect the Green Belt virtually at all costs and to encourage developers to build on brownfield and non-green belt countryside. This policy enabled councils to meet their demanding housing targets by freeing up areas for development in return for a separate area of land, which would then be protected. National government could support this by changing the NPPF to allow councils to swap other categories of land such as low-grade agricultural rather than just brownfield sites as is the case now.

It can target housing in key areas of need, ensuring that a small percentage of land has high impact. Indeed, there are successful examples of this plan in action.

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With this method, major developers could access land that is usually outside of their control and that is below current residential land prices. There are a few minor issues to be resolved, however.

This, in turn, may be misconstrued by certain members of the public. Surprisingly enough, this method could create a mini-industry in speculative land trading in green belt areas, making cheap land release much harder as landowners hold out for high prices. To solve this problem, policymakers can put a cap on the price limit for the landowners to release their plot of land subject to each area.

This is something the council will have to consider.

What is driving demand for housing?

Indeed, certain factions within Parliament understand the pressing need for freeing up green belt land, particularly those areas that are a mere 45 minutes away from London and just a minute walk from the train stations. By now you should see that green belt land helps sustain the environment, adds character to a particular area or borough, and should be treated carefully and with respect. That said, there are plenty of reasons why building on green belt land can be a viable option too. In other words, there are plenty of reasons to get green belt Planning Permission.