Knowledge of the higher worlds and its attainment

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It's a little bit grounded. And some of what is being transm This right here is the seed bed of the Late New Age. And some of what is being transmitted here is a little bit real. There is a legitimate energy in the text. And something even more striking: Steiner wrote this before the first World War. Whole worlds away in terms of culture and consciousness.

The only really meaningful experience of this book for me was an attempt to empathize with the awareness that could have produced it. The late edition's serial prefaces aid in this. Steiner's a weirdo, but still demonstrates a creative spiritual intelligence that truly inspires. Some of his personal understanding of layers of consciousness connects with insights that career meditators and hallucinators would not write about for many decades to come. The intelligent combination of mental clarity and spacious awareness makes for a tolerable read even when he gets a little lost in his own idiolect.

His constant exhortation that clairvoyant play MUST NOT take one away from daily life helps explain the worldly legacy he left through writing and institution building, and in this there is a sort of early 20th century grit amid all the chakra spinning. But to what end? Ultimately Steiner seems to think clairvoyance is a gift from the dubious disembodied ghosts of the astral realms. The book is a preparation to make yourself into a channel for whatever or whoever wants to borrow your bodymind.

That's awfully sketchy, especially given Steiner's exhortation not to depend on a teacher but to open up your consciousness to random occupation. That said, who knows, maybe the astral realms weren't such a dive bar a hundred years back. Some of the techniques Steiner offers for dilating the upper chakras are genuinely creative and for that context. His warnings against cult tendencies and loss of personal responsibility are more than a little prescient with Crowley and the Theosophists on the horizon. Though I do expect some spacey readers of this book have ended up far dumber as a result of reading it, it is wonderful to imagine how readers a hundred years ago might have been opened up to new feelings of the cosmos as a result of Steiner's - well -clairvoyance.

View all 5 comments. This was one of the first books that led me to spirituality and still remember its first sentence by heart: "There slumber, in every human being, faculties by means of which the knowledge of the higher worlds is attained Eager to experience some of this hidden potential within me, I immediately put some of it to practice, for example about observing the forces of death and life in everything. I This was one of the first books that led me to spirituality and still remember its first sentence by heart: "There slumber, in every human being, faculties by means of which the knowledge of the higher worlds is attained I also really liked the chapter on chakras, and how they are slowly developing in us accordingly to our inner merits.

How, for example by lying, the petals of some of these chakras become crooked and don't develop harmoniously, which then causes us to have twisted perception of the higher worlds. However, after a while I realized that it didn't provide very detailed descriptions or methods to achieve inner transformation and awakening, maybe due to the time it was published, where some things had still to be kept hidden.

Despite the mentioned limitations, I found a lot of truth in this book and would definitely recommend it to anyone just starting to delve into the mysteries of higher worlds. Feb 08, Stewart rated it it was amazing Shelves: biodynamics , praxis. This is "occult" science. The pursuit of truth behind appearances is at the heart if any real religion or philosophy or science. This book is a practical manual for training the mind to perceive not just sense-perceptions but also to recognize activities occurring between physical objects.


This book is an extraction of the core of mystical Christianity, Mahayana Buddhism, and Theosophy. It discusses c This is "occult" science.

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It discusses crystals and auras and preempts the false New Age fantasies concerning such things. In reality, a "blue" aura is no color at all and is completely invisible; recognizing an aura is feeling the same emotion that the same color imposes through the eyes.

A "blue" aura is an analogous spiritual feeling to the physical seeing of blue. Crystal contemplation is not fortune-telling but part of a series of simple mental exercises comparing mineral, vegetable, and animal. Much of the book is cautionary. I personally have engaged a self-forged path that proved unsafe. I wish I had read this first. Shelves: translated-into-english. The fourth Steiner book I've read and one of the most straight-forward. Made a lot of good points and always has an interesting and thought provoking perspective.

I enjoyed reading this, i like the ideas. Unlike Bees and Agriculture, this is not a series of lectures.

Knowledge of The Higher Worlds and its Attainment

Organized as a progression from the starting point as a novice this book doesn't have the asides that the lectures experienced by fielding questions from the audience. What if the internet never existed and cocaine-fueled quacks were given legitimate platforms? Well, welcome to the true sub-text of Waldorf education!

However, they pretend to be interested in the education of children, solely for their own eugenic means. Waldorf is a cult! Rudolph Steiner was a drug-addicted lunatic with racist affiliations. View all 3 comments. Jul 03, Henk rated it really liked it. Steiner's works are dense and complex and voluminous. This text offers a good cross-section of his essential teachings.

Aimed at readers who wish to apply what is put forwards. This book covers many topics that are often too widely defined in popular esoterics. Like Lujan Matus , Steiner foregoes a mass-market appeal text in favor of getting things clear. Interesfing Read along side doing esoteric work. A very interesting character.

Oct 11, Tom Evans rated it it was amazing. If you want to tune in, this is the manual of how to do it. Just wait until you meet the Lesser and Greater Guardians of the Gate!!

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Sep 19, Joseph Voelbel rated it it was amazing. A very illumined exposition on the path to initiation replete with discernible truths for the betterment of self. An excellent piece for anyone desiring to be, "A servant of the world and humanity. Jan 31, Matthew is currently reading it.

If you start reading this and you think "this dude is out there", well, you might be right, but take some time with it. And then call me and we'll chat. My son starts at a Waldorf school this fall, so I thought I'd read some Steiner. Happened to have an ancient copy of this one on my shelf. No idea how I got it. Jul 15, Lord rated it it was amazing Shelves: anthroposophy. One of the essential books by Rudolf Steiner. A must for anyone interested in anthroposophy or spiritual growth.

Feb 01, Shawn Brady rated it it was amazing Shelves: spiritual. German author covers chakra clearing and levels of awareness.

  1. Written In 1904-1905 (CW 10).
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  3. Knowledge of the higher worlds and its attainment;

This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. He is not a moonchild and a dreamer only, nor is he a scientist walking us through his experimental results. In a nutshell, he claims to be able to teach clairvoyance. Steiner himself pre-empts our doubts about his work at the outset by explaining that it is scientific knowledge for someone who has developed the same abilities as he has, but to those who have not developed those abilities they must take his claims somewhat on faith. So this rhetorical double-bind leaves us relying on feelings and interactions to assess his work.

How to Know Higher Worlds: A Modern Path of Initiation

If I meet a man and blame him for his weakness, I rob myself of power to attain higher knowledge; but if I try to enter lovingly into his merits, I gather such power. The student must continually be intent upon following this advice. The spiritually experienced know how much they owe to the circumstance, that in face of all things, they ever again turn to the good, and withhold adverse judgment. But this must not remain an external rule of life; rather it must take possession of our innermost soul. Man has it in his power to perfect himself, and, in time, completely to transform himself.

But this transformation must take place in his innermost self, in his thought-life. It is not enough that I show respect only in my outward bearing; I must have this respect in my thoughts. The student must begin by absorbing this devotion into his thought-life. He must be wary of thoughts of disrespect, of adverse criticism, existing in his consciousness, and he must endeavour straightaway to cultivate thoughts of devotion. Every moment that we set ourselves to discover in our consciousness, whatever there remains in it of adverse, disparaging and critical judgment of the world and of life; every such moment brings us nearer to higher knowledge.

And we rise rapidly when we fill our consciousness in such moments with thoughts evoking in us admiration, respect and veneration for the world and for life. It is well known to those experienced in these matters, that, in every such moment, powers are awakened which otherwise remain dormant. In this way the spiritual eyes of man are opened. He begins to see things around him which he could not have seen before.