Land of the Samurai

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The actions of Iga warriors slowed down the retreat of Miyoshi army, while other army of Asai and Iga warriors was marching with all possible speed to cut off the retreating Miyoshi. After days of tenacious march on hostile country, Nakamura made an harsh decision. His surviving Scouts informed him that the Asai Iga force was not coming from Omi, which would have made it easy for them to cut off his route to Yamashiro, but from Ise, which meant that while the enemy was getting closer from behind.

There was still a chance to get out from Iga, with atleast moderate force.

“Japan – Land of Geisha and Samurai” exhibition in Treviso

Once the Miyoshi army arrived to more open country, Nakamura ordered a third of his army to entrench on a hill and stop any enemies from following the main body. In reality it meant that he sacrificed a third of his remaining army in order to save the other two thirds.

After a bried goodbyes, the Main Miyoshi army started a speed march in direction of Yamashiro, while the rearguard raised lpalisades on the hill and prepared for the enemy, the best they could.

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After the sunset the strong Miyoshi rear guard was infact surrounded by Iga warriors and that night the game of cat and mouse had begun. During day time the surrounding country of the hill remained treacherously calm, while any patrols sent from the palisades never came back. After two days and nights. The Miyoshi rear guard was a wreck. Wihout hardly any sleep and in constant danger, the nervs of the men had given up. During the next night the previously brave Miyoshi warriors at last were given freedom from their agony, as the rest of Iga warriors with Asai warriors had arrived.

After nightfall the combined enemy army assaulted the palisades, before hand setting most of it and Miyoshi encampment on fire. The slaughter was short, leaving none of the Miyoshi alive. Meanwhile, seemingly disturbed Miyoshi Nakamura arrived at Yamashiro with the remnants of his forces. Numbering no more then men. On the Northern part of Kansai Asakura Yoshikage made his own moves.

Sendai Castle (Aoba Castle)

Against what the Oda and its allies had thought, Yoshikage marched his force straight through Echizen, with apparent amazement of Toyotomi Hideyoshi and marched to Kaga. Once he reached Otamo Kobo castle in Kaga, Yoshikage lost no time and ordered an assault against the already damaged castle.

二 Land of the Samurai | Elijah Nang

The strong garrison of Hatakeyama had little means to stop the 17 strong Asakura army and was annihilated with no more the casualties. Meanwhile in Mino, Oda Nobunaga was creating his own stratagems. Secretly during the night of June 6th. Buld of the Oda and his allied forces retreated from their positions around Inabayama castle and started marching West, towards Echizen, leaving only the Tokugawa force under Tokugawa Ieasy behind as screen and to keep up an illusion that the sige was still going strong. Nobunaga arrived to Echizen after about a week of marching and was astonished, when messengers of Hideyoshi were greeting him as he entered Echizen.

Our reports indicate that he has marched to Kaga and has conquered the province from Hatakeyama. Meanwhile Ieasy was keeping up appearances for an day as had been agreed before, when disturbing news reached his headquarters. Takeda and Imagawa had invaded his home province Mikawa. Ieasy did not waste time and slipped off around the Inabayama the following night, heading towards Mikawa with all possible speed. Takeda and Imagawa forces had met in the North Easten part of Mikawa and then marched towards Tokugawa capital Okazaki. The allied plan was simple. Imagawa, whos main enemy Tokugawa was, or a dog of a retainer, like the Imagawa Ujizane expressed his view, would assault the castle, while the Takeda force would cover them and help if needed.

With all rage that they felt against the mortal enemy, Imagawa forces charged against the castle from all sides, while the Takeda limited at covering the Imagawa force with arrow and teppo fire. The defenders of the castle fought bravely, but after each repelled charge there were less and less men to fight of the enemy. On a nearby hill a small group of riders watched as the dfenses of Okazaki were braking down, piece by piece.

Tokugawa Ieasy could barely hold his anger and he bited his own horse whip, with feelings of hopelesness and frustrated rage he said grinding his teeth. Wretched Takeda! What brought those dogs here? Without those bastards, we could easily rout the cowardly Imagawa! The situation is what it is.

The Land of Akita’s Samurai

We do little good attacking the Takeda, who are more then twice as strong in numbers then we are, while they are hardly engaged. We cant do anything here today, other then pray for the souls of our brothers dying there and avenge them another day. It would be foolish to die in a battle that cant be won. Damn Imagawa! Damn Takeda. One day we will burn those wretches in their castles. There with his spear he signalled to the Tokugawa army concealed in forest to retreat and rode after them, while the army silently started withdrawing.

Ieasy took one final glance at his capital and witnessed how flames started rising from the main tower. While turning his horse around he said with quiet voice. All of you wretches. At the base of the burning main tower Takeda commander Kansuke met the Imagawa Daimyo Ujizane and said to his seemingly frustrated ally, worried of casualties.

Todays work might be the key to victory. Near Kawanakajima Uesugi Kenshin ordered third of his army under Kakizaki Kageii to manouver around the Takeda army commanded by Shingen, while he tried to lure Takeda in battle over the river dividing the two forces from each other. Unfortunately Takeda scouts spotted the Uesugi force manouvering to their flank and two thirds of Takeda army started marching towards the Uesugi flanking force, while leaving rear guard to keep the Uesugi on the other side of the river. Kenshin understood the futility of attacking over the river against entrenched enemy and ordered Kakizaki to withdrew to original positions.

Which he did with negliglible casualties before meeting with the Takeda main force. Thus the stand off continued.

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At the Kanto, Satomi and Satake again fixed their sight to Musashi, invaded the province. Satomi army, marching first sent messengers ahead to Hojo, challenging them to open Battle, but Hojo neglected. Thus Kawagoe castle was once again besieged by Satake and Satomi. This time both sides had good number of cannons and the start of the siege became duel between the 6 cannons of the castle and the 10 cannons of Satake and Satomi.

In the Northern Honshu the days of Nambu were getting low if miracles would not happen. It seemed that the castle would run out of supplies during the Autumn and it seemed nothing would prevent that from happening. Chapter 15, Autumn Autumn wind of eve, blow away the clouds that mass over the moon's pure light and the mists that cloud our mind, do thou sweep away as well. Now we disappear, well, what must we think of it? From the sky we came. Now we may go back again. That's at least one point of view.

Peasants gathered what there was left from rampaging armies, stored it and then their Lords took it a way, leaving barely enough for the peasants to survive. If the peasants were lucky. On 1st of August the daimyos of three allied Clans gathered to the headquarters of Amako force. Amako Yoshihisa stood at an end of a table, leaning over a map,in full brown laquered armour.

On his left Yamana Toyosada, covered in black armour watched the same map with anxious expression on his face. On the right Mori Motoharu sat on a camp stool, wearing red armor with black lacings, tapping quitly the table with his fingers. Lord Amako started. You will secure our left wing with most of your troops.