Lincos: Design of a Language for Cosmic Intercourse. Part 1

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Setup an account with your affiliations in order to access resources via your University's proxy server Configure custom proxy use this if your affiliation does not provide a proxy. Configure custom resolver. Review: Hans Freudenthal, Lincos. Design of a Language for Cosmic Intercourse. Part I. Lincos, design of a language for cosmic intercourse, part I, Studies in Logic and the foundations of mathematics.

Lincos (artificial language)

Lincos: Design of a Language for Cosmic Intercourse. The Laws of Physics and the Design of the Universe.

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Stephen M. Barr - - In Science and Religion in Dialogue. Mesopotamian Cosmic Geography. Wayne Horowitz - - Eisenbrauns.

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Lichtenberger, J. Jugement sur la scolastique. Hans Freudenthal , E. Brill , P. The domain of this function is not exactly the set of time-signals.

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It is much broader, but at this stage it would be unwise and even impossible to circumscribe it in a too definite way. This is symptomatic of many functions we shall deal with. The Lincos word written Sec means the time unit second. Syntactically it behaves as a function from 'Pos' to the set of durations. So it is a paradigm of Lincos syntaxis for physical units. Chapter III: Behaviour 3 00 1.

For the time being it would be premature to try to describe human behaviour by a system of general rules like the mathematical and chronometric rules of the preceding chapters and some of the mechanical laws of the next chapter. Instead we shall show behavior by quasi-regular examples, from which the receiver may derive as many general behaviour rules as he pleases.

As the program events are to display behaviour, it is necessary for at least part of them to be acts, i.

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Our Lincos vocabulary is still far from sufficient for introducing the bodies of the acting persons. So the only kind of act that can be displayed immediately is the act of speaking.

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The terrestrial reader should guard against a too narrow interpretation of this 'Inq'. In the present chapter the physical background of the Inq-events, whether it be accoustical or optical or tactile or anything else, will remain undiscernable. The names of the dramatis personae will be written Ha, Hb, Hc, and so on.

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Our theatre is still incomplete. Besides persons and acts a third thing is needed. We have been able to build a vocabulary of mathematics without valuating our propositions. We had only to confine ourselves to true propositions.

Yet we cannot show behaviour by good actions only. We must stage bad ones too, if we wish to condemn them. We have to create a vocabulary that contains words meaning " good " and " bad " and intermediate valuations.

Lincos (artificial language)

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