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It is worth noting that these are very powerful editors and if you delved deep enough it could take years to understand all of their features. A real Linux guru will be able to solve problems with their system and part of that troubleshooting starts with understanding how to read the log files. There comes a point though where formal training is required to explain how to do things in the right way.

Obviously, there are many different resources for learning. You could take a college course, watch Youtube videos or sign up for online training.

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This guide provides 7 ways to learn Linux in a structured manner. Continual use and continual learning is the only way to get to grips with anything whether it is learning to become a Linux guru or learning how to play the bagpipes. Following online courses, keeping up to date with Linux news and getting help from the Linux community is the best way to move forward and remember the Linux man command is your friend.

Become a Linux Guru in 10 Steps

Share Pin Email. You can't possibly hope to become a Linux guru without having somewhere to test your skills. The first step to becoming a Linux expert, therefore, is to set up a test computer. Red Hat is a commercial distribution which costs money although you can get a developer license.

To get Linux installed on your Mac, follow this guide:. Chapter 1: What Is Linux?. Chapter 2: Choosing a Distribution.


Part II: Installing Linux. Chapter 3: Getting Ready to Install Linux. Chapter 4: Installing Linux. Chapter 5: Special Installations. Chapter 6: An Overview of X Windows. Chapter 7: Installing and Configuring X Windows. Chapter Using KDE. Chapter Advanced X Windows Configuration. Part IV: Mastering the Essentials. Chapter Introducing Linux Commands. Chapter Working with Files. Chapter Understanding the Shell. Chapter General System Administration. Chapter Using Peripherals. The recently finalised Linux driver for this card now enables access to its internal channel mixer with real-time metering.

In my setup the HDSP is really just a low-latency audio router with 26 physical inputs and 26 physical outputs. The mixing and clock control I get from Thomas Charbonnel's hdspmixer and hdspconf programs make it almost magical for me. I think this box completely replaces and improves upon some of the commercially available ADAT signal routers out there at a fraction of the cost.

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I'll then get a physical-input, output audio router with software inputs, should I ever need them. I'd be able to mix audio tracks in the card without using CPU overhead — just sending audio data — and hooking in low-latency Linux soft synths all on the same machine. This is way beyond where I think I could ever get with Pro Tools. Knecht seems happy with the mixed approach, and will continue to choose the best solution for his needs, regardless of platform. The first thing that Parker noticed to be missing from Linux was a professional-quality mastering application. While there are audio editors and effects plug-ins available for Linux that can be used for mastering work, at the time there wasn't a program dedicated to the task.

Parker explains why he wants to be able to control every aspect of the mastering process: "For many years we sent our mixes out of house to be mastered. I don't know how many albums we've produced over the years — maybe around — and the number of demos and single songs is much more than that. In the early days, before we understood mastering, clients would complain about the results. I didn't know what the problem was. It was very stressful — I thought our mixes sucked. The first time I mastered a mix in the new room, I was blown away.

Within several minutes I stopped working and started listening and hitting the bypass switch. Something very important happens when mastering in different rooms and with different monitors than those used for recording and mixing. The acoustical properties of the mastering room and its monitors cause entirely new stories to be told. How many inexperienced engineers feel 'fed to the wolves' when the client asks 'Why does it sound so good here but sounds like crap in my car? Mastering has been shrouded in a mystique that's born from ignorance.

I can make that claim because ignorance is my personal experience! I maintain that it's possible for any aspiring mastering engineer to learn how to achieve the sonic potential for a mix. Now the Linux audio community is working on a mastering tool which will work with Ardour, Rosegarden and the other JACK-enabled applications. At this early stage in its development, it features band and band equalisers, a spectrum analyser, a three-band peak compressor and a look-ahead brick-wall limiter.

Planned additions include multi-band stereo processing, parametric EQ, a loudness maximiser, and preset and scene capabilities.

Why You should learn linux

While JAMin could be run on a mixed-down stereo track, it is designed for the user to be able to reach back into the multitrack mix and fix the root cause of problems that conventional mastering techniques have to work around — in real time. JAMin has a hand-drawn EQ feature, so you can use any curve you like.

With stereo files as a source we might have to adjust Hz by -5dB, but that affects all the instruments. Mirror Image are reusing one of their AWs to receive the stereo mix in the mastering room, which outputs to Mackie HR monitors. So the mix is running in both rooms at the same time.

Mastering Linux Shell Scripting - Second Edition

As far as the user is concerned, JAMin looks a bit like a collection of VST mastering plug-ins gathered together into a single interface, but the dedicated nature of the tool should mean that CPU use is more efficient. Harris explains: "The design of JACK means that we can use the recording and sequencing capabilities of other tools like Ardour, Muse and Ecasound and the synchronisation facilities of JACK to allow JAMin to do the mastering without needing a complete sequencing and editing environment.

I like this because it enables me to use the familiar interface of Ardour, while doing processing that goes beyond anything that's practical with plug-ins. Freq Tweak is a JACK-enabled audio spectrum manipulation tool, which allows you to visualise effects in real time using the display of choice. Allowing this to be done inside JAMin would make the final production more integrated, but would complicate the user interface and detract from the simplicity slightly. Harris says the collaborative development process used to create JAMin is typical of a small Free Software project.

The development work is divided up pretty naturally according to our experiences — Jan Depner and Patrick Shirkey mostly worked on the user interface, Jack O'Quin on the concurrency code and me on the DSP code. Everyone chips in and argues about what features we should or shouldn't have, and where such and such a menu should go.

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The input from experienced engineers was very important; feedback on features and user interface layout let us develop more quickly and made sure we were always going in the right direction. Knowing that there's lots of people waiting to use the software is always motivating too. Of course, some mastering engineers might not want to take responsibility for the state of the multitrack mix, and could resist the introduction of this sort of technology into their work.

I love music and working with artists and the more the artist and I accomplish, the happier I am.