Nanostructured Oxides

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The physical properties of the scCO2 medium can be controlled by adjusting the processing temperature and the pressure of CO2, thus enabling the synthesis conditions to be tuned. This paper provides a review of the studies on the synthesis of oxide nanomaterials via scCO2-assisted sol-gel methods and their catalytic applications. The advantages brought about by scCO2 in the synthesis of oxides are described, and the performance of oxide-based catalysts prepared by scCO2 routes is compared to their counterparts prepared via non-scCO2-assisted methods. AB - Nanostructured metal oxides and silicates are increasingly applied in catalysis, either as supports or as active species in heterogeneous catalysts, owing to the physicochemical properties that typically distinguish them from bulk oxides, such as higher surface area and a larger fraction of coordinatively unsaturated sites at their surface.

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Synthesis of nanomaterials by Physical and Chemical Methods

Research Research database. Nanostructured oxides synthesised via scCO 2 -assisted sol-gel methods and their application in catalysis Tao, Y. APA Tao, Y.

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Catalysts , 8 5 , []. Tao, Yehan ; Pescarmona, Paolo P.

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Nanostructured Zinc Oxide for Water Treatment | Bentham Science

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Thin film electrodes including metal tubes filled with active material and battery cells, and methods of fabrication. Preparation of amorphous mixed metal oxides and their use as feedstocks in thermal spray coating. Methods of forming a silicon seed layer and layers of silicon and silicon-containing material therefrom.

Nanostructured Zinc Oxide for Water Treatment

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Fabrication and Characterization of Nanostructured Oxides for Energy Storage

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Nanostructured Oxides

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