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Printer Friendly. Test Preparation Because there are so many standardized tests that require you to know a good amount of math, geometry included, it is important to know your subject.

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It is a timed test? If so, how much time will you have? Are there sections, or is it solely a geometry test? For timed tests, the best thing that you can do is practice, so that you can make sure you can do problems quickly enough.

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The more you do something, the easier it is to go through the process of doing it. The more you practice geometry problems, the quicker you will become at doing them. Make sure you practice everything that might be on your test. There is a wide variety of things that could appear on a geometry test, so be sure to familiarize yourself with everything that might be on it. You never know what might be on a test, so you have to make sure you cover all of your bases and know everything that could be on it.

Be sure you can find the height, width, circumference, etc.

Do some research and become familiar with the kinds of geometry that college-bound tests may contain, and then get the appropriate books and practice. Be sure to get enough sleep the night prior to your test. Also, be sure to eat a good dinner the night before the test, and a good breakfast the day of the test.

Why would you go into a test cold turkey when you can know exactly what to expect before you even open your test packet? For tests like the ACT and the SAT, there are practice tests that are specifically designed to prepare you for the actual test. It is silly to not take advantage of such practice tests, because the more you practice with them, the more you will know when you actually go in to take the test.

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When you begin taking the test, be aware of how much time you have. If there is a problem that you cannot solve, skip it and move to the next one. You can either miss one question or you can end up not finishing half of the problems on the test. It may seem like such a simple piece of advice, but make sure you read each question very carefully.

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Sometimes test creators like to trick students; you can easily avoid being fooled by reading questions very carefully. Also, make sure you read the directions to be sure that you are doing the problems right. Here are a few things that you might want to know: Be sure you do your homework every night. Most teachers will give tests that are very similar to the homework.


Homework may seem repetitive and time-wasting, but it is easiest to learn something when you are forced to do it over and over again. Most teachers will base their tests on what they have had you practice beforehand.

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You may not be able to find the actual questions, but you can find practice questions that will be based on the same principles and equations. Line: A line is breadthless length e. The edge of a ruler, the edge of the top of a table, the meeting place of two walls of a room are some examples of a geometrical straight line.

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Axiom 2: Through a given point, infinitely many lines can pass through. Axiom 3: In given two points A and B, there is one and only one line that contains both the points. Collinear Points: Three or more points are said to be collinear, if there is a line which contains all of them. Concurrent Lines: Three or more lines are said to be concurrent, if there is a point which lies on all of them.

Intersecting Lines: Two lines which meet at one point are said to be intersecting lines. Note: Two distinct lines cannot have more than one point in common. Parallel Axiom: If l is a line and P is a point not on line l, there is one and only one line m which passes through P and is parallel to l. Two lines which are both parallel to the same line, are parallel to each other.

Line Segment: In given two points A and B on a line l, the connected part segment of the line with end points at A and B, is called the line segment AB. Congruence of Line Segments: Two line segments AB and CD are congruent, if the trace-copy of one can be superposed on the other so as to cover it completely and exactly. Line Segment Length Axiom: Every line segment has a length. Distance between Two Points: The distance between two points P and Q is the length of the line segment joining them and it is denoted by PQ.

Opposite Rays: Two rays AB and AC are said to be opposite rays if they are collinear and point A is the only common point of these two rays.