Pursuing the Good Life: 100 Reflections on Positive Psychology

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Table of Contents PrefacePart I. Positive Psychology and the Good Life1.

Pursuing the Good Life : 100 Reflections in Positive Psychology

What is Positive Psychology, and What is it Not? Parsing Positive Psychology3. Perfect People6. The Future of Unhappiness7. Positive Psychology and Bullshit8. The Bad Company of Positive Psychology9. Taking on the Criticisms of Positive Psychology Positive Emotions and Experiences Savoring and Dampening Positive Feelings Fast Food and Impatience Passion and Positive Psychology The Positive Analogue of a Phobia Sunday Afternoon with Daniel Kahneman Money and Happiness Does Happiness Have a Cost?

Part Two Heritability and Happiness Positive Traits and Talents Is Optimism Undermining America?

Optimism Goes Underground Good Hope and Bad Hope Strengths or Weaknesses? Character Is Sexy There Are No Saints Growing Greatness David and Goliath and the Good Life Steve Jobs: Lessons for the Good Life Part IV.

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Positive Relationships Other People Matter: Two Examples Gender and Friendship Tears and Testosterone Dealing with the Pain of Romantic Breakups Happiness, Small Talk, and Big Talk Having a Friend and Being a Friend Infants Get It Right Viral HappinessPart V. Enabling Institutions: Families Books Matter Living Happily Ever After What Good Are Fathers?

Part VI. Enabling Institutions: Workplaces Leadership Style and Employee Well-Being Doing the Right Thing Positive Psychology and Assholes Enabling Institutions: Schools Paying Students for Good Grades Teaching Positive Psychology to an Entire University The 50th Anniversary of the Peace Corps Enabling Institutions: Sports When Losing Isn't Losing Brett Favre versus Cal Ripken? Team Sports, Happiness, and Health Team Celebration and Performance Part IX. Enabling Institutions: Geographical Places Geography and Happiness: A Book Review Happy Places: Happy States Gauging the Happiness of a Nation Gross National Happiness Now, the claim is not that Duchenne smiling causes you to live longer.

The claim is that a genuine Duchenne smile is an indicator of happiness and, apparently, longevity. Yet another study Peterson shares concerns the effect of our happiness on others and theirs on us.

Ros Johnson, LICSW, Therapist

It turns out, according to this study, that a happy person with whom we are socially linked increases our own sense of happiness by 9 percent, while an unhappy individual with whom one we're connected decreases our own happiness by 7 percent. So happiness appears to be a bit more powerful than unhappiness. Christopher Peterson is said to have begun every course as a professor with the words, other people matter. And, from what I've read, this three-word phrase was often repeated throughout his lectures. Of course, there is a good deal of research to back up the claim that others matter to our own happiness and sense of well-being.

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See all comments. Work matters as well if it engages the worker and provides meaning and purpose. Money makes an ever-diminishing contribution to well-being, but money can buy happiness if it is spent on other people. No comments See all comments. Email Newsletter sample.

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