Resisting Ethics

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Response to threats against freedom of conscience posed by policies of Obama administration As a result of threats to freedom of conscience in health care posed by the policies of the Obama administrations, in September, , a letter was sent to President Obama on behalf of over 50 conscience-supportive organizations represented by the Freedom2Care coalition www. Physicians who decline to do something they believe to be wrong are not discriminating against individuals on grounds prohibited by the Ontario Human Rights Code.

Their concern is to avoid direct or indirect complicity in wrongdoing, not with the personal characteristics, status or inclinations of a patient.

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Full text of letter Canadian Family Physician. Of course, it is essential that physicians treat patients with respect and courtesy even if they have differences of opinion. And it is possible to maintain healthy relationships in difficult situations without physicians having to act against their conscience. Full text of editorial Kelsall D. Whose right?

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The College documents present an unseemly image of the College preparing to shine its shoes before inspection by a higher authority. And yet human rights commissions, as you are undoubtedly aware, are increasingly scrutinized for various abuses which they themselves engender. Full text of interim response. It is not the responsibility of any physician to manage, promote, or enhance access to a procedure which he or she finds medically harmful and morally repugnant.

Resisting Ethics | S. Schaffer | Palgrave Macmillan

The ethical bankruptcy of any society which would punish physicians who object to abortion, and the imprudence of doctors sitting in regulatory institutions who would threaten to punish their objecting colleagues, should be obvious. Full text of submission Catholic Archbishop of Toronto. If a physician cannot in conscience perform or facilitate an action that is requested, wil that physician face the threat of being sanctioned for violating a patient's human rights and for professional misconduct?

Is that the cost of being true to one's conscience? Full text of letter Catholic Civil Rights League. Canada has an established custom of accommodating sincerely held religious and conscientious convictions as much as possible. The expectation that physicians must set aside their beliefs with regard to treatments or referrals that violate their conscience is unreasonable.

Resisting Ethics

Full text of submission Catholic Organization for Life and Family. COLF is concerned about the policy's implicit expectations upon physicians with respect to engaging in a medical act to which they may have a conscientious objection. Full text of submission Centre for Cultural Renewal. Human Rights, it seems, now entails monitoring conflicting beliefs in society, turning them into one half of a human rights issue, and then, by eradicating the possibility of dissent for that is what a physician's ability to refuse to refer amounts to forcing some citizens to effectively implicate themselves in the beliefs of other citizens.

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Full text of submission Chalcedon Foundation. Canada's human rights commissions and tribunals have become a law unto themselves. They are not bound by rules of evidence, precedent, or courtroom procedure. The state pays all the plaintiffs' legal costs, but defendants must pay their own.

Full text of article Christian Legal Fellowship.

Full text of submission Ontario Medical Association. It is the OMA's position that physicians maintain a right to exercise their own moral judgment and freedom of choice in making decisions regarding medical care and that the CPSO not insert itself into the interpretation of human rights statutes.

Removed from website. The Ontario Medical Association wants the provincial licensing body to kill a proposal that would force physicians to put aside their religious beliefs when making decisions in their medical practice.

Alternative Paradigms: Care Ethics and Feminine Ethics

Raymond De Souza A timely intervention has prevented the cancer from metastasizing, but aggressive treatment is still needed. Basic Freedoms Dr. Please reconsider forcing physicians to go against their conscience. With the a new euthanasia bill on the horizon and the lack of any limitation to abortion for any reason or at any stage, it is clear to me that taking this stand will endanger the principled, conscientious, and responsible care of our patients, not just now but in the years to come.

Full text of letter Dr. Margaret Somerville. Unlike the mechanic, however, a physician who refuses to be involved, for instance, in abortion, is not providing the service to one patient but not another, or basing his refusal on any characteristic of the patient. Rather, he is refusing the service to all patients and doing so because of the nature of the procedure, which he believes is morally and ethically wrong.

Resisting Ethical Aggression

Veldkamp I have just become aware of the document "Physicians and the Ontario Human Rights Code" and I feel compelled to inform the Ontario College of Physicians and Surgeons the "College" of my concerns that this document is both deeply flawed and unworkable. Without wanting to sound too Zen or Starwarsy, money is simply a form of energy that can sit still or flow into light or dark places. And anyone with capital to invest should consider where they direct that flow and how they use that force. And that goes for property, too.

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