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Larissa is no exception.

Larissa Ione Lords Deliverance series [cast fantasy]

But even as a child, she didn't write "kid" stories. She preferred something more dramatic.

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Considering her fiction preferences, it came as no surprise to anyone that her first short stories were tales of horror, and her first novel, penned at the age of 12, was an Alaskan wilderness story with a wolf hero. Eventually, Larissa's interests changed. She still enjoys a good Stephen King novel, and Jack London remains a favorite, but she discovered some new favorites while she was in college. Robert Jordan. Marion Zimmer Bradley.

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  • Book Review: Revenant, by Larissa Ione;
  • Book Review: Revenant, by Larissa Ione.
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Mary Stewart. Oh yes, she'd found fantasy. Larissa devoured every novel she could find, and in time she started writing her very own fantasy novel.

Larissa Ione

That novel is still a work in progress, thirteen years later. Now he finds he has a twin brother who had all the light and love Revenant was denied. Caught in a tug of war between Heaven and Hell, he must weigh his thirst for revenge against his desire for a mysterious female named Blaspheme—a female whose very origins could deliver him into salvation. Blaspheme has a deadly secret: she's the forbidden offspring of an angel and a fallen angel.

Hunted by both heavenly and satanic forces, she has survived only by laying low and trusting no one. When Revenant claims he can save them both, how can she possibly believe him? But the powerful angel is persistence incarnate and for Blaspheme, there's no place she can hide in Heaven or Hell where he won't find her.

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