The Mindful Medical Student

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More importantly however, many of these changes remained sustained at six months later Table 2. Students overall had very positive reactions to their participation in the curriculum. Although some medical schools have implemented mindfulness training into their formal curriculum, most of these interventions occur during the pre-clinical years. Many clerkships include weekly didactic sessions within which our curriculum can be easily integrated. The curriculum may be led by the clerkship director or another faculty member invested in student wellbeing.

The required resources are minimal, and no special equipment is required. Our curriculum can be easily reproduced at different institutions and for different clerkships, not just EM. We measured student reactions, attitudes, and self-reported learning and behaviors according to the first two levels of the Kirkpatrick Model, which describes the progressive effectiveness of educational interventions as reaction, learning, changes in behavior, and patient outcomes.

Reactions to the curriculum were positive, with most students reporting that they would recommend this curriculum to others. Most importantly, however, the self-reported changes in attitudes, learning, and behavior remained sustained even up to six months later, which is perhaps the most remarkable and impactful significance of this intervention.

Clear limitations of our study include a small sample size and implementation only at a single institution. We also acknowledge possible participation bias. We chose three summer months when students interested in EM rotate on our EM clerkships.

It is unclear if these students were more motivated to participate in the curriculum given the timing. We attempted to mitigate this effect by ensuring that the faculty leader A. We also excluded 10 students from the final analysis, which may have represented a second source of participation bias. Unfortunately, we did not measure demographic factors or other variables that would have allowed us to determine if there was a systematic difference between the students who completed all three surveys and those who did not.

Another limitation was the lack of burnout assessment or other similar outcomes. After careful consideration, we decided that, given the pilot nature of our study, evaluating a change in burnout as a result of our curriculum would be outside of the scope of our investigation. Finally, our main outcomes were measured using a non-validated survey instrument. However, the survey questions were reviewed internally by the study authors A. The questions were also limited by their self-report nature; however, directly observing outcomes was outside the scope of this initial curriculum evaluation.

Although this was a pilot study, our innovative mindfulness-based curriculum had a significantly sustained impact on the attitudes and self-reported behaviors our students. Our intervention could easily be adapted for any four-week rotation during medical school. Conflicts of Interest : By the West JEM article submission agreement, all authors are required to disclose all affiliations, funding sources and financial or management relationships that could be perceived as potential sources of bias. No author has professional or financial relationships with any companies that are relevant to this study.

There are no conflicts of interest or sources of funding to declare. National Center for Biotechnology Information , U. West J Emerg Med. Published online May Arlene S. Author information Article notes Copyright and License information Disclaimer. Corresponding author. Address for Correspondence: Arlene S. Email: moc.

The Mindful Medical Student

This article has been cited by other articles in PMC. Associated Data Supplementary Materials wjems Abstract Introduction Despite high rates of burnout in senior medical students, many schools provide the majority of their wellness training during the first and second preclinical years.

Methods The curriculum included these components: 1 four, once-weekly, minute classroom sessions; 2 prerequisite reading assignments; 3 individual daily meditation practice and journaling; and 4 the development of a personalized wellness plan with the help of a mentor. Then, understand that it is perpetuated as much by the harasser as it is by normalization, complacency, and institutional protections for perpetrators. Above all, this requires accepting that the reproductive choices of women in medicine do not disqualify our intelligence and that we are unequivocally valuable to the field.

Therein lies the real challenge. Therein lies the work. Medicine has the power to save itself, and its recognition of physician mothers as humans and doctors worthy of respect and protection is pivotal.

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Centering the voices of those who are marginalized only ever uplifts the system as a whole. When their voices are heard and their conditions improved, the whole collectively benefits. Medicine is not an exception. To my fellow mothers in medicine: I am sorry for everything you go through, and that our profession is so unforgivingly unkind.

I encourage you to unapologetically be yourself and take up as much of your own space as possible. Realize that your presence alone makes those who are woven into the dominant frame of medicine very uncomfortable. They see no space for you, yet here you are. Find power in that, and if you ever find yourself with an opportunity to advocate for another mother be intentional and brave. Do not be discouraged by the work it takes to find your voice for when you do, you will find freedom you never thought possible.

Understand that you may be silenced by proper channels in your efforts for justice, but also remember to trust patterns - not apologies or excuses. There will be times when sharing and centering your experience will feel like screaming into a void, or times where you give up parts of yourself or your story for the sake of making them palatable to the majority. In these times remember that you are worthy. I see you. I hear you. I am you.

Six mindfulness techniques for physicians

The state of women in academic medicine: the pipeline and pathways to leadership, Work-family conflict and the sex difference in depression among training physicians. Sexual harassment and discrimination experiences of academic medical faculty.

JAMA ; Fertility and childbearing among American female physicians. J Womens Health Larchmt ; Hi guys! Having gone through the process last year I know how insanely tiring and stressful it can be. But my heart goes out to all the mamas with babies out there getting ready for this crazy adventure. I will attempt to offer advice and share how we could have done things better, but mostly I will share what worked for us in the hopes it helps one of you!

Honestly, looking back, it was a crazy experience but each step worked out. Basically, he worked in the office for a few weeks out of the entire 4. We went everywhere together. It was amazing, sometimes stressful, but always memorable. Basically, we would arrive at our destination the day of the interview dinner with enough time to settle in before I had to leave. J and Noah would then hangout together dinner, a walk before bedtime.

When we visited Detroit, J waited until I got home from my interview dinner and then met up with some of his friends! I was always the one with the most stuff. At the end of the day J and Noah would pick me up. It worked out that his first set of vaccinations were literally a couple days before. Nothing can really prepare you, or the baby, for the chaotic schedule of travel. We did our best to stick with it and did a pretty good job through it all.

I will say this: good flight times are worth the money and convenience. You will not regret it. Pick flight times that get you to your destination early in the day, that way settling into bedtime is easy for baby and you! At the end of the day no baby asks for the stress of travel, so we did our best to make it as easy as possible on Noah. I love the ones from Copper Pearl. Most importantly you can wash and dry them with the rest of the baby laundry and the material keeps its integrity very well. I still use this cover but during airplane travel it was essential because 1.

Keeps baby warm so all you need is a light travel outfit. Also, nursing your little one for take off and landing will also keep their ears from hurting! You cannot travel without a good baby wrap. Noah fit in the Solly until he was about 5 months old, then it was always the ergo baby.

Noah was 8 weeks — 4. So it was easy to put him down, swaddled, on the bed without worrying about him falling off. We also coslept, Noah in between us, at night. Seriously, only the essentials.

Our very first trip was to Chicago, through phoenix. So we had to drive from Tucson to Phoenix before dawn, we packed way too much, Noah had a blow-out in the security line, and we were generally a hot mes. After that we always gave ourselves at least 2 hours before our flight to get through security and settled in.