Words of Radiance (The Stormlight Archive, Book 2)

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The first book in the series, The Way of Kings , was published in The second book, Words of Radiance , was published in The third entry, Oathbringer , was released on November 14, The Stormlight Archive novella Edgedancer was released in Chronologically it takes place after Words of Radiance , showing some events that couldn't have been shown by any of the normal viewpoint characters in the other books.

Words of Radiance: The Stormlight Archive, Book 2 Free Audio

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This page was last edited on 8 September , at The Stormlight Archives doesn't have the "grounded" feel of Game of Thrones , but it doesn't matter, because it absolutely revels in its fantasy world, one of actual gods, bizarre magic, knights with superpowers, spirits and sorcery, monsters, demons, and magic sword called Shardblades. It embraces the fantastic, and does so with an astonishing amount of creativity. For just one of many, many examples: The spirits called the spren, which are basically humans ideas and emotions, are completely foreign, but such a natural part of the Stormlight world that it works — and it works because Sanderson has given so much thought to the question of how if these fantasy aspects were in fact real would they affect human civilization?

And thus we have multiple societies, with multiple customs that seem completely bizarre and random, but you know there is actual meaning behind them.

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This is what makes The Stormlight Archives so appealing, but Words of Radiance is still a damn good story on its own. It's full of action, war, betrayal, death, good characters making bad choices, revelations, and it builds to a conclusion that I again have to describe as epic — a conclusion that seems to raise the stakes to the highest point possible — and yet immediately reveals that there's so much worse — and better — to come.

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  7. Words of Radiance puts the "epic" back in epic fantasy!
  8. And Words of Radiance is only the second books. I can't think of a middle volume of a fantasy novel that felt so much like it could, almost should be the end of a series and a great end at that and still managed to make me completely excited for the rest of the series. So, yeah.

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    If you were one the fence about Kings , you should absolutely give Words a chance — it improves on the first volume in every way. And if you have no feeling about The Way of Kings but are a fan of fantasy, let me assure now that Words of Radiance is a must-read.

    Words of Radiance : Book Two of the Stormlight Archive (The Stormlight Archive) [Paperback]

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